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The Self Discovery Journey provides an opportunity for you to look within in-order to find your authentic self. As we mature and our life roles increase we often forget about our authentic self. Your authentic self is the little girl inside you who had dreams, goal, and self-love. 


 Our objective is to help you feel safe, secure and empowered in the group and in life. We want you to feel safe in knowing that there are places and people in your life and community that you can turn to in times of emotional need. Healing and personal growth, empowerment, and survival are practices that need to be apart of your every day in order to discover your gifts from within.


Our online program gives women across the world the opportunity to experience Mission Dorothy's programming in the comfort of their own home. 


Are you a group of friends or colleagues who are all looking to be motivated to achieve your goals for the year? Are you searching for someone to provide structure and support for you as a group to hold you accountable and true to your goals? Group coaching gives a small group of individuals the opportunity to converse and focus on soul-searching, goal setting, key issues awareness, execution and accountability in an intimate space. It also gives each participant an opportunity to benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. 

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Please feel free to contact Ms. Williams for speaking engagements on Living your Authentic Life and other topics related to getting in touch with your authentic self.

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Please feel free to contact us for interviews and guest posting.

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