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Stone pathway under sunlight in the park

Our Mission

To empower women to reclaim their authenticity while highlighting their inherent worth and abundance of inner gifts they possess within.


Our Vision Pillars

Pillar 1: Self-Discovery and Growth:

Promote a mission of self-discovery and personal growth, encouraging women to explore their capabilities, talents, and potential on their journeys of empowerment.


Pillar 2: Resilience in Adversity:

Vision Pillar: Embrace resilience as a core value, empowering women to face adversity with strength, determination, and a belief in their ability to overcome challenges on their journey.


Pillar 3: Inspiring Future Generations:

Vision Pillar: Create a legacy of empowerment by inspiring and empowering future generations of women, fostering a cycle of strength, courage, and positive change.


Pillar 4: Empowerment Through Allyship:

Vision Pillar: Cultivate a supportive environment where men and women alike actively participate in the journey of women acting as allies and advocates for the empowerment of women.

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Our Philosophy

Like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man, we all yearn for something new in our lives. We are all on a quest to find out what life is really about. They traveled to the Emerald City believing that their dreams would come true. Along the way, they encountered some trials and tribulations during their journey. But at the end, the Wizard of Oz helped them realize that they already possess the gifts they desire; they just did not realize it.


Often we all search for independence and self. Not often recognizing that the very things we are searching for, we  already possess. We like to help others realize that they are enough and don't have to try to be someone they are not. You are enough right now! We all just have to discover the gifts from within in stead of seeking outward. We already have on our ruby sneakers , all we have to do is click them! 

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