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Our Mission

Assist women 18 + with reconnecting with their authentic self so that they can learn to  trust their own thoughts and beliefs in order to truly realize that they already have all they need within.


Our Vision

Our vision is to help you feel whole, valuable, secure and empowered in life. We want you to know that you are enough and that you do not have to seek outside yourself to feel loved, valued and seen. We want you to understand that self-awareness, healing, self-acceptance, self-love, empowerment, growth, and education are practices that need to be apart of your everyday life in order to rediscover your authentic self and all the gifts from within.

Our Philosophy

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Like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man, we all yearn for something new in our lives. We are all on a quest to find out what life is really about. They traveled to the Emerald City believing that their dreams would come true. Along the way, they encountered some trials and tribulations during their journey. But at the end, the Wizard of Oz helped them realize that they already possess the gifts they desire; they just did not realize it.


Often we all search for independence and self. Not often recognizing that the very things we  are searching for,we  already possess. We like to help others realize that they are enough and don't have to try to be someone they are not . You are enough right now! We all just have to discover the gifts from within in stead of seeking outward. We already have on our ruby sneakers , all we have to do is click them! 

Gender Specific Programming

​Gender-specific programming provides females with decision making and life skills that will assist their development across thier life span. Given the importance that females place on relationships, gender-specific programming teaches positive relationship-building skills. Empowerment teaches us to use our voice, to speak for ourselves, and to recognize that we have choices.


Mission Dorothy™ provides gender specific programing to females of all nationalities and cultures. Females require gender sensitive ways to learn and cope. Most community programs are made with a "one size fits all" model. Mission Dorothy™ believes that gender specific programs provide skills and resources specific to the female gender that other programs can not.

Gender-specific programs are designed with an understanding of the connection between risk factors women face and protective factors that can help enhance their life.


Risk Factors

  • —Unemployment/Academic failure

  • —History of sexual abuse

  • —Low self-esteem

  • —Dysfunctional family system

  • —Racism

  • —Sexism

  • —Substance Abuse


Protective Factors​

  • —Academic or Professional success/progress

  • —Positive sexual development

  • —Positive self-esteem

  • —Positive family environment

  • —Positive minority identity

  • —Positive gender identity

  • —Prosocial skills and competence 




We focus on behavior related life skills (behavioral, coping, and life skills) are particularly important for sustaining positive effects for those we serve.

Integration Of Services:
Mission Dorothy™ is willing to work with the community to  provide additional educational resources. 

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