Online Coaching Program

So how does this course work...

The  Journey Program provides a online opportunity for you to complete your own self journey that allows you the time and space to look within in-order to find your authentic self. As we mature in our life roles and the responsibility increase, we often forget about our authentic self. Your authentic self is the little girl inside you who had dreams, goals, and self-love. She knew who she would become and was excited about growing up and experiencing life. Sometimes life events, such as abuse, trauma, addictions, life stressors and negative agreements we may have made with ourselves or others often leaves us feeling less than, unworthy and suffering from low self-esteem. But if we take this journey of self-discovery, we will find that we have always had these essentials to life right there inside of us. Often many search for validation externally from others but it's important to learn that we have to look inward and revitalize our self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-love.


"How does this work?" you may ask. Mission Dorothy has a 12 week Self Discovery Journey Program that will guide you each week closer to your thriving authentic self.

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Looking WithIn



Your Value


Accepting Your Truth


Surprise Storms & Rainbows


Change is Good



Whole New


                                                 Frequently asked questions.........

Is this therapy?

Nope, I am a therapist that will be using coaching techniques and not psychological modalities to create positive change.  I may look into your past to see what may've caused barriers  but coaching focuses more on the  present and moving forward  while providing a  practical route to where you want to be.

What does the coach do?

As your life  coach I will be:

  • 100% committed to your success

  • Inspire and Motivate you

  • Meet you where you are 

  • Be supporting throughout the entire process

  • Educate

  • Believe in you and your abilities

How long is the program? 

The program is a self paced 12 week program.

When can I begin?