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Mission Dorothy™ 

Mission: To empower women to reclaim their authenticity while highlighting their inherent worth and abundance of inner gifts they possess within.


Pillar 1: Self-Discovery and Growth:

Promote a mission of self-discovery and personal growth, encouraging women to explore their capabilities, talents, and potential on their journeys of empowerment.


Pillar 2: Resilience in Adversity:

Vision Pillar: Embrace resilience as a core value, empowering women to face adversity with strength, determination, and a belief in their ability to overcome challenges on their journey.


Pillar 3: Inspiring Future Generations:

Vision Pillar: Create a legacy of empowerment by inspiring and empowering future generations of women, fostering a cycle of strength, courage, and positive change.


Pillar 4: Empowerment Through Allyship:

Vision Pillar: Cultivate a supportive environment where men and women alike actively participate in the journey of women acting as allies and advocates for the empowerment of women.

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Live Events

Our live events are a chance for you to be able to gather with like minded and spirited women who are eager to rewrite their life story as they take the journey to self discovery.


 Group Coaching

We provide individual and group coaching. Groups must be  4 or more. This is perfect for friends, family and colleagues. 




Soon we will be providing  onlince courses  for women around the world to access our services so that we can assisst them with connecting or reconnecting to thier authentic self and the gifts they have within.



Join us on a new journey home to your authentic self after a long and hard road trip called life. Tamekis and guest will give you the tools to settling in and learning how to unpack and get comfortable with yourself again or for the first time. 

 Mission Dorothy Podcast Cover 2020.png

“If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own backyard.” Because if it is not there, I never really lost it, to begin with."

-L Frank Baum

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